Access regedit or gpedit.msc without run command

As we computer professional, all knows the meaning of gpedit(to edit registry setting) and and regedit(to edit group policy setting) and its importance in windows. But sometime due to the security or some virus reason we might be not able to access run option in start button.

I do have got some trick to make it possible, to get those setting files without run option. Actually when run is enable, we just type regedit or gpedit.msc to access them. Which open those file exist in windows directory. So we will try for the same thing but differently.

Method 1: Manual Method

  1. Go to My Computer  > C: > Windows Directory
  2.  Click on Show the content of this folder
  3. Open System32 directory
  4. Click on Show the content of this folder
  5. From current location u can find regedit.exe(regedt32 in XP) or gpedit.msc(gpedit in XP)
  6. Now double click on file to make the changes

Method 2: Task Manager Method

  1. Press CTRL + EDIT + DEL to open Windows Task Manager
  2. Now pressing CTRL button click File > New from Task Manager window
  3. DOS command window will get open
  4. Type regedit or gpedit.msc to open those setting file
  5. Make the changes you want to do.