JAVA is rising… more in Bangalore

Java programming has not yet spread in market very well. Even though it is most demanding programming language of current world and will be forever. But when it will get spread in the market there will be only some open source language like PHP and Python.

The following chart shows the top programming languages with their shift in popularity and rating.

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Sun revealed the following statistics about Java at JavaOne 2008:
1. 90% of Personal Computers on Internet have Java
2. 700, 000 JDK downloads per month
3. 48 Million JRE downloads per month

Which show that there is still a long way for java.

On the rising of Java India will play the main role, and in India the leading city will be obviously Bangalore. It may because of the IT city or becaus of the student like us who wish to join the best of all.

According to the Google search volume data provided by Google trends, India is the leading county with most interest in java followed by Mexico. And the most surprising is that usa is not even within 10 position.

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Among all Indian cities Bangalore takes the drastically lead. San Francisco is the only US city that has makes position within 10 cities having 9th position.

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