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  1. Joel says:

    Hey Prashant im new to java and Ubuntu.I have worked with C in ubuntu.But im unbale to do the same in ubuntu.Can u pls tel me how do i wriet a java program in ubuntu


    • Prashant says:

      Hello Joel,
      To use Java in Ubuntu, i will suggest you to use Netbeans which you can freely download from
      There you do have to create new Java Application Project by selecting JAVA from the project type and Giving the project name and location.
      Then just create new Java Class file in Source Package, write your code and run(shift + f6)
      It is very much easy.

      But if you still want to go threw the manual way, its little lengthy and i m little busy these days.
      So next week i will try to publish the solution as a new topic.

      Keep on responding…


  2. Ajay Patel says:

    hi prashant can you please help me…

    check out this
    in this ex of parsing of xml…

    ListAdapter adapter = new SimpleAdapter(this, mylist , R.layout.main,
    new String[] { “id”,”name”, “Score” },
    new int[] {,, });


    here setListAdapter is show all data… now ho can i fetch that data and insert to sqlite .. can you pleasr put just short code .. so i can complete my sync project , it will really help ful for me…

  3. Paramasivan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I read your blog its so easy to understand and also very very useful to beginners and people who are interested to learn new technologies. Good Work.. Keep going.. All the Best

    Regards and Best Wishes

  4. jagan says:

    hey prashanth plzzz can u mail me the source code of android barcode scanner…….. but plzzz dont give the url to download the source files becuase they are not working yar…….. and morever this is my mini project in my college…the submission date is so near….so plzz send that the code u posses with u plzzz understand my problem and mail the code to me plzzzz expecting a quick satisfable reply form u and plzzz mail to

  5. mgspivan says:

    why no Updates after July 6?? Wat hapnd yaar?

  6. Ghansham says:

    Hello Parshant,
    I want to make JInternalFraem in swing in package, that,s (JInternalFrame ) comes open in my home page that also package ..Please help to make it …Reply me Please

  7. stathis says:

    Hello Parshant,
    i have a question to make: Can a button(in android) do 2 different things at once?
    For example, is it possible to get gps coordinates and send them by email at once?
    I assume i must wait to get them and them send them. How it is done?
    Can you display a similar code?

  8. stathis says:

    can you post an example?

  9. stathis says:

    I have another question really irrelevant to the previous ones!!!!!
    I very grateful that you dedicate me your time but i REALLY want to solve something that i am working on!!!!
    Is it possible to make Broadcast Receiver that listens to a buttonclick via bluetooth????

  10. stathis says:

    Hello Parshant,
    I hope you are doing ok and you make progress with the thing you’re working for!!!!
    I have a problem with my app , i want to send the gps signal that i get to my screen to my email!!! I managed to send the mail but when i put the location in it the mail is null!!!
    I think that the gps location is not fully obtained when the mail is sent.
    How can i assure that the location is obtained???

    • Prashant says:

      Hi Satish,
      just assign the GPS value to a variable or a EditText.
      If the value is null the you can show an alert otherwise concatenate it with the message and send for mail.

  11. srinivas malla says:

    Hello Parshant,
    I hope you are doing good. could you plz help me for android zoom controls how to zoom the image which is in imageview.can you send the source code for zooming the image to my mail id

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