Sending Email from Android Application

Few readers of mine has requested me to upload the source project of my previous two examples. Then I decided to add some flavor to them before I upload, which result this example. For mailing concept, I have referred from the Jon Simon’s blog. I tried lots of other way, but his code work very well for me.

This example is only the combination of Barcode Scanner, GPS and mail.

You can download source project from here.

The changes you have to make in this downloaded project is, to add any gmail user id and password into sendMail() method, in SendInfo class.

12 Responses to Sending Email from Android Application

  1. nice bro,,,
    android is a new generation

  2. Ajay Patel says:

    amazing one … keep it up..

  3. Kunal says:

    Hello, I just am stuck. Am not able to make it work…I downloaded the source but this too is incomplete…Help!!!

    • Prashant says:

      Hello Kunal,
      The example is not incomplete, read out the lines and follow the the suggestion.
      I have commented some lines where you have to give the email-id and password of your gmail account.
      I will do the complete verification of your of your email and password using gmail server and sends mail.

  4. stathis says:

    Hey great work really, but it throws me an exception!!!

    I change the pass and email_id only where you commented?

    Thanks in advance!!!!

    • Prashant says:

      are you providing the gmail username and password?
      here in this example I am using the port of gmail, so please use gmail account info only.

  5. stathis says:

    OK i found my error!!!!
    Thank you very much!!!!
    Again great work!!!!

  6. sivakumar says:

    hi prashant,
    I imported this project to my android emulator.
    I get this error: Unable to resolve target ‘Google Inc.:Google APIs:9’
    can u tel?

  7. Hey prashant,
    I am not able to get this working. I did everything properly with no errors but when I run the app it crashes 😦 any solution please help

  8. Thanks such a wonderful tutorial for beginners.Here you are developed directly put the code MailSend m = new MailSend(“”, “tester11”);…it is not useful for i wish to know about how is retrieve password from mysql server afterthat this password is sent to given mail id..How is to do.please help me.

  9. Krushnakant says:

    Thanks Buddy…….Very nice Tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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