Solving 409 conflict error in Eclipse

Today more than couple of hours I was breaking my head for this 409 conflict error eclipse, while working with google-app-engine. The error appeared as:

Unable to update app: Error posting to URL :
409 conflict
Another transaction for this user is already in progress for this app and major version. That user can undo the transaction with’s “rollback” command.

After a long browsing and experiment, I got the solution to be like this:

Open Command Prompt and change the location to your application directory.

Then run appcfg file that is resides in the eclipse plugin directory with rollback command. I have installed my eclipse in C: only, so my command goes like this:

“C:\eclipse\plugins\\appengine-java-sdk-1.3.7\bin\appcfg” rollback war

After this, everything worked fine.

2 Responses to Solving 409 conflict error in Eclipse

  1. Zonia Maigret says:

    Fantastic post I Agree with your major tips and believe the title says it all, I loved reading and I will certainly come from time to time to read more of your writing. sustain the good work!

  2. Thierry says:

    Thank you so much !
    I was completely stuck and this solved my problem !

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