Beginning with Struts

Struts is most popular framework for java web application. It is an MVC framework that provides for flexible, extensible application development. Struts let you focus on the model, view, and controller elements important to the application’s use case. This leaves the infrastructure work, such as reading the configuration file that contains mapping between URLs and actions, to the framework.

Fig : Application Work Flow Model with Struts (from

I began struts few days back. Here are some url, which help me to understand the beginning concept of it.

Still I am searching some more useful, if you know any URL or any other resource please post me as comment.

2 Responses to Beginning with Struts

  1. ankit says:

    nice work….try to post more application on struts……
    thank you

  2. Arvind says:

    Nice tutorial for beginners. Find more tutorial on Struts 2

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