Open Project on Java II (Download, Update and Share)

After uploading my previous project, here I am uploading my one of this semester project (Buddies Chat System). This project is done by me and my project partner Shruti P. Hirur. Buddies chat system is a text chatting system with text format and emoticons options. In project we have uses java socket programming to communicate between different clients. Server responds different action according to the different type of packet sent by the user.
The following images demonstrate the project very well.

This project source code you will get in the form of NetBean project format. You can down load the source from :

MySql.jar (required in Library)
Mail.jar (required in library)

Please download , improve and share it. Don’t forget to send one improved copy to me.

7 Responses to Open Project on Java II (Download, Update and Share)

  1. Heena says:

    am a beginner to j2se. can u suggest me any project regarding j2se or j2me. and please can u send me a sample project regarding them.

  2. Pavalesh says:

    I’m a final year M.Sc(C.Sc) student. I’ve got a client(BSNL). But , now only i joined for java and j2EE course. The institute says it is possible to finish nearly 50% in j2EE. But , i’m in total fear of how to do the project. Can u pls say me what are the projects avail which can be done for BSNL. My email is:

  3. diakbar says:

    hi… im new in java, hmm… can you send me a simple project or just an idea for my course. email me at, Thanks…

  4. youneschbani1 says:

    error during compilation

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