Decimal to Hexadecimal in Java

One of my previous post, I had shown how to add HTML formatting to the Swing component. But while changing the color of the component while runtime, we have to change the color value to decimal to hexadecimal(r, g, b), to get it into HTML color format. So here is three way to convert decimal to hexadecimal value.

public class Hex
	public static void main(String args[])
		int i = 14;
		String hexstr1 = Integer.toString(i, 16).toUpperCase();

		String hexstr2 = Integer.toHexString(i).toUpperCase();

		String hexstr3 = Integer.toHexString( 0x10 | 


   		System.out.println("method 1:"+hexstr1); 
		System.out.println("method 2:"+hexstr2);

		System.out.println("method 3:" +hexstr3);
		method 1:E
		method 2:E
		method 3:E*/

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