Open Project on Java I (Download, Update and Share)

Hello Java programmers, actually I had completed my college project (Career Aspiration Consultancy) and presented successfully in my exam. It deals with most of the operations of IT job consultancy like profile (candidate, company and job), search/report (candidate, company and job) and user settings/validation and user logs.

From next semester I have to begin with the new project. But I don’t want this project to get finished in this stage, coz I know that there are lots of things can be improved in it. So I decided to make it open source by publishing here. I don’t know whether this way is proper or not, but I believe it will help me to improve this project and help the beginner who want to learn core java.

This project is platform independent, but the calculator and notepad in this project is getting opened from windows system file.

This project consists of 32 java files and mysql.jar file. I had use NetBeans 6.0 IDE to type the source codes, so I think even you might need to develop it in the same IDE. I am providing download link  as zipped format.

Download CAC 0.0.1  Here

I have used MySQL 5.0 as backend. I have done most of the database modification with MySQL GUI tools. You can restore the database structure from the below sql file.

Download CAC.sql Here.

Please download , improve and share it. Don’t forget to send one improved copy to me.

These are the some reference that I followed for this project.

I am not sure whether I am doing it in right way, please do suggest me. Thank You.

7 Responses to Open Project on Java I (Download, Update and Share)

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  2. Jose Maria says:

    Tanks for download link!!!
    Happy 2010

  3. Mark Butkiewicz says:

    Thank you. Really educational post.

  4. diakbar says:

    thank you for the link… I will try to learn/develop it… hehe… bytheway… open source is cool!

  5. avinashsahu says:

    Great Work 🙂

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