Windows Applications in Ubuntu

As GIMP is not much user friendly as photoshop (in my opinion), for advance editing I usually use Photoshop only. So,even being a Ubuntu user sometime i used to switch to windows to use Photoshop.But as I came to know about Wine, it’s really make my mind swing as it is like a real Red Wine. After installing Wine I am using photoshop in Ubuntu only. And apart from Photoshop there are thousand of other Windows application that is supported in Ubuntu, which you can search in Apart from Photoshop i am using Youtubedownloader, Macromedia dreamweaver 8, BitTorrent. And the main thing is, it works fine.

Here are the steps that you need to follow while installing wine in Ubuntu 10.

Step 1:

Go to Applications > Ubuntu Software Center

Step 2:

Search for ‘Wine’ in Software Center window; Wine Microsoft Windows Compatible Layer appears

Step 3:

DblClick Wine Microsoft Windows Compatible Layer; Then click on Install button.
And here you will get intallation of Wine.

Now Install the required windows application in ubuntu. But I suggest, before installation please check the application in http://appdb.winehq.orgwhether it is supported in Ubuntu or not.

So, Enjoy Windows application in Ubuntu.


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