Installing Java in Ubuntu 9.10

As I did upgrade my operating system to Ubuntu 9.10, i found that the installation of Java became little easer. Previously in 9.04, I had to edit sources.list but this time directly update of the repository works.

For installation, Just i have to update my repository by

$ sudo apt-get update

Then I mapped the dependencies

$ sudo apt-get -f install

And just we need to install Java with following command

$ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-plugin

(And to accept the configuration window, press TAB key to move the control)

35 Responses to Installing Java in Ubuntu 9.10

  1. Thanks this worked when i tried it but actually fixed a TON of other problems!!!

  2. ircguru says:

    Nice Post, btw do you know any good usenet archives and or mailing list archives site for unix / linux / bsd

  3. shadow says:

    Nice,Simple,Works and most important Easy
    Thanks very much

  4. acai berry says:

    According to me, You have the Ubuntu install disc, so pop in your spare hard drive (if you do not know how to do this, make a quick detour to the PC Mech Forums and you will have it done in no time) and put the install disc in your CD drive and lets get started.
    This is very easy process…
    After installation, enjoy to use it…

  5. Darren says:

    Thanks alot this worked for me !!

  6. Pete says:

    Thanks, it worked!

    But, why, again is it even this hard to find/do. It should be in the add-software. Well, it is but says “not in this data” – hmm, english please

    Come on linux, get with it, windows is lighter in 7, more to compete against.

    • Prashant says:

      Hello Pete,
      actually to get it in add-software plz try after updating the Repository.. For that you can take help from my previous post “Installing Java 6 in Ubuntu 9.04” where i had given some instruction to update repository. I think it will work..
      Thank You for your comment..

  7. Bill says:

    Worked like a charm. Thank you.

  8. Deepak says:

    Thanks heaps !!! It worked.

  9. Jim H says:

    Failed: I am pretty much a newbie, started ubuntu in 9.04… here is the error

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    sun-java6-jdk: Depends: sun-java6-bin (= 6-15-1) but it is not going to be installed
    sun-java6-jre: Depends: sun-java6-bin (= 6-15-1) but it is not going to be installed or
    ia32-sun-java6-bin (= 6-15-1) but it is not installable
    sun-java6-plugin: Depends: sun-java6-bin (= 6-15-1) but it is not going to be installed
    E: Broken packages

  10. satya says:

    it did not work again/……………………….

  11. This brings me to an idea:…

  12. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  13. truco ruleta says:

    Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  14. InstallSoftware says:

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    Thanks Again

  15. Abi says:

    I’m using ubuntu off a CD for now. Is it possible to download java in this condition?

    I’m not a computer person, I just know the basics. I tried the top commands on terminal but it doesn’t do anything. Says “couldn’t find package sun-java6-jdk”

    Do you know wat I’m missing?

  16. Abi says:

    Nevermind. It worked 🙂

  17. use says:

    Prashant, can u guide me how to install java if no internet connection.

    • Prashant says:

      hello use.. please try out by disc once… in the same post acai berry had commented me for that… i hope that may work you.

  18. paci says:

    thanks man thanks for sharin rate it 101 this post

  19. prasad says:

    i want to install the java 6 in the ubuntu 9.10.
    i installed the ubuntu 9.10 from cd and now i want install tje jdk and jre but i am not able to do it
    so if u can please solve this then send information to my e=mail

    • Prashant says:

      hello prasad,
      Just follow the steps i have published in this post.. If you are finding any difficulty on following any of the step please do write me where you faced what problem..

  20. Jamie says:

    That was amazingly simple! Days and days of trying to put it on 10.04! Thanks!

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