Package as a Custom tool library

We can use Package concept to create our own libraries of tools to reduce or eliminate duplication of the code. Here we have a Package example where System.out.println and System.out.printf has been replaced with alias print and printf.

package learnjava;
public class Print
    public static void print(Object obj)
    public static void print()
    public static void printnb(Object obj)
//For printf() method we may refer
//And for argument “Object… obj” go through my previous post
    public static PrintStream
            printf(String format, Object… obj)
        return System.out.printf(format, obj);

Now in below example, we have imported all the static methods of above java file Then we are using the methods and appropriate argument for those methods.

//Only uses those methods which are Static
import static learnjava.Print.*;
class PrintTest
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        print(“This is just a test.”);
        int a=30;
        print(“Displaying variable “+ a);
        printf(“%s”,”Output is “);

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