Prevent your windows from some threat (conficker and autorun.inf)

Today’s we all suffers from viruses, worms and Trojan. Itis headache for me too. So I have tried to give you some information to get ride from some virus that may trouble our machine a lot.

Removal disk/USB drives use to autorun whenever we plug it to its port. Most of malwares, worms and the viruses today spread in our computer through this autorun.  The latest example of the Autorun worm is Cornficker, which is the recent threat which has trouble lots of windows user of China, Brazil, Russia, and India. We can get ride from such threat by disabling the autorun feature. This trick will work for windows 2000 and XP very much but for vista user can skip this step and have automatic updates for it.

The Step goes like this:

Click on Start > Run and type regedit.msc and click ok.


Go to Computer Configuration > Expand Administrator Templates > Expand System (> Windows Component, for windows vista)
On right side a list will appear, double click on Turn off Autoplay

gpeditClick Enable radio button and select All drives.


Click Ok and restart Computer.

Ref: (Prevent Conficker on your windows machine)


Another virus which has trouble most of our life is autorun.inf. It is always get transfer from our USB driver/Removable disk. Autorun.inf is use to be in hidden form, so that it can’t be found by most of the antivirus. And we are unable to see the file even after setting show all hidden files from folder option.

Here are some step which will help you to remove this autorun.inf trouble.

  1. Boot the system in safe mode.
  2. Open Command prompt (Start > Run > Command/Cmd)
  3. Change Logged drive to USB drive (if USB drive is in F: the type F: on command prompt and press enter key)
  4.  Type ATTRIB-H-R-S AUTORUN.INF and press enter key.
  5.  Then again type “del autorun.inf” and press enter kay.

My small advice for you is:

  1. Never ever double click on USB drive, always right click on it and if there is Autoplay do not use it. It may cause a list of threat, use only explore if it’s must.
  2. Always explore My Computer and open drives from explore. (Windows + E is the shortcut to explore my computer)

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