Programming Languages Comparison

Everyone is curious to compare the different programming language, so I am. I browse different articles and website to have clear vision about the difference.  Every programming language has their own specialty. Just the difference between the top language and other language is how much they give facility to the programmer how it is fulfilling demand of the market.

Here is a chart table which describes some of the property of some language.(Click on image to view larger)

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And after knowing these specialties of, obviously we would like to compare the position of these languages. This information I found from You may compare your interested language from the given site.

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After all, I have found the C# and Java to be the most demanding programming language of current market. And both the language are relatively same. To compare these languages, you may visit . We may compare different functions, keywords events, operators etc.

2 Responses to Programming Languages Comparison

  1. Vaibhavi says:

    Hi all,

    I am working for a software integrator company. My projects includes working on Java and Ruby on Rails and Ajax. I think Web Services is really cool. We also recently have to now work on REST and they are talking about mashups and Struts. Can anyone tell me if there are some good training or conferences so that me and my team members can get to speed with these technologies. Learning from books is not my cup of tea, even not when I was doing engineering 😉

    All the help that group members can provide in this regard is much appreciated.


  2. I really liked this article. I’m not one to usually leave
    comments, but I felt really compelled to this time. I shared this on my facebook and bookmarked your blog!

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